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Photo Gallery

Children working in the daycare Children working in the daycare Hanging the clothes with clothes pins Child is hanging the little clothes with clothes pins. this activity focuses on pincer grip . 194013223 Cutting work child is cutting with scissor . This activity focuses on small muscles control and eye and hand coordination. 194013376 Spooning Child is learning here how to hold a spoon and this activity focuses on eye and hand coordination. 194014011 building blocks child id building a tower with blocks. this activity focuses on creativity and logical thinking. 177831675 Liquid poring activity child is pouring through teapot. 194014023 tong transfer activity child is transferring objects with tong .This activity controls her small muscles . 194030858 open ended painting Child is doing painting with a sponge. This focuses on her pincer grip. 195846887 Fall Leaf activity Children are gluing here different fall leaves on a paper. 195846888 Flower Arranging activity 2 years old is doing flower arranging activity. This activity focuses on her eye and hand coordination. 195846889