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Who We Are

New Look daycare is a multiage daycare.

Our hours of operations are 7:00 am to 5:30 pm

we register children ages from 16months and up.

Now accepting registration for part/fulltime with reasonable fees.

  • Full prepration of kindergarten
  • Focus on reading and writing
  • Personality development through age appropriate activities
  • Variety of learning skills to keep kids engaged(stories,music and movement,dramatic play,puzzles,montessori activities) 

A caring place where children have fun and learn !!!

My daycare provides a safe environment that includes appropriate role modeling and positive reinforcement. Each child would be treated and taught by using various methods, which would be most appropriate and effective for him. I recognize that children develop differently at different stages from one another. Therefore I would be adapting flexible and different programs according to the needs of each child. Children would be given free choice of activities to make them independent. I strive to help the children develop a strong sense of responsibility, so they could maintain and develop a high sense of self-esteem.

New Look Daycare is in residential community close to local trails, parks and community playgrounds. Centre is well designed and appealing for children to explore and stimulate their imagination. I invite you to come and visit my facility to have first hand information

Why US?

The physical, social and emotional needs of the children would be taken care of in our daycare. They would be involved daily in physical activities. Their physicals skills like running, climbing and catching balls would be developed. They would be provided age appropriate activities and toys. The appropriate behavior of the children would be appreciated. Discipline would be taught to them by appreciating desired behavior. Every child’s self concept and self-esteem would be developed. Their self-help skills and positive view about themselves would be encouraged .